Kickstart your SEO with These Social Media Strategies

No serious SEO campaign is complete without a careful mind toward one’s social media strategy. Through social media, your business establishes a brand identity and connects with an eager audience. With a healthy social media presence, your audience starts doing the SEO work for you. Here are some key ways to kickstart your SEO through social media:

Organic Followers

The number one thing you need to do is grow your follower count. You could have the greatest social media savvy on the planet, with the absolute highest quality of content, but it doesn’t matter if the only people seeing it are your mom’s Facebook and your dog’s Twitter. You need to increase your followers – but only organically! Google can differentiate between quality (authentic) follows, and spam accounts, and you’ll get dinged if you try to buy or cheat your way to a big audience.

Growing your followers naturally is not an easy process. It takes patience and a firm belief that your content is worth it. Be informative, be funny. Be creative, be relevant. If you only have a small following, do your best to make those people feel special. Engage them in conversation, and interact with them directly. Slowly but surely, you’ll grow your follower base. You can also engage in advertising campaigns on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to grow your number of followers/friends. Once you gain these followers, keep them on board with consistent and relevant content.

Social Sharing

A high follower count doesn’t mean much if nobody engages with your content. What’s 20,000 followers if you get one post like per week? Come up with a social media strategy that increases social sharing. People are influenced by the activity of others – nobody wants to be the first person to like/share a post, but they’re quick to join in along with 100,000 others. It might be transparent, but straight up asking for likes/shares (with a reward) is an effective strategy. Hold a prize draw for likes/shares. Give a reward to whoever gets you over a milestone number of followers/friends. Even one share opens you up to hundreds or even thousands of new eyes.


Who needs TV and radio when social media is the most effective broadcast channel there is? When you have new content on your website, use social media to broadcast it. Without being annoying or spammy, share links to your content around the web. Let’s say you are an architect and come across a Twitter discussion about most iconic skyscrapers. If you wrote a blog about the most revolutionary skyscrapers in history, link it in the conversation. If you are a lawyer and come across a LinkedIn question about choosing the right lawyer, link back to your website. Stand behind your content. If it’s high-quality original content, please will want to read it and will welcome your contribution.

With the right strategy, you can get people to share your content on their own. Get it seen by the right eyes by using relevant hashtags and category classifications. If you have particularly interesting or timely content, people will want to share it. Try to be seasonal and include information people want to know. People will start sharing your content because it’s awesome, and it’s just a bonus that it links back to your site.

Optimizing Posts

Remember, your posts don’t exist in a vacuum. Focus on content first, but always keep SEO in the back of your mind. Write the content first, then optimize it for SEO purposes. Have a compelling title, appropriate keyword density, relevant subheaders, and a corresponding picture. Always be sure to follow SEO best practices – filling out alt tags etc.

Also remember the importance of local SEO. Make it clear that you are an active and engaged participant in your local community. Every time your company attends a local event, supports a local charity, or interacts with a fellow local company, publicize it on your social media.

Social media goes hand in hand with SEO. These social media strategies can help establish your brand authority and thereby and improve your rankings in search results.

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